About Us


Lotus Traders Clothing Inc
Jl. Pulau Ayu, Gang 15. No.2
Denpasar Bali Indonesia

At LotusTraders, we Create Bohemian Fashion for Women of all sizes that Flatter the Female Form. Designs are made in luxurious fabrics for a woman who wants to dress with confidence & at very affordable prices. Our customer is a free spirit, a lover of art and all things handmade!  She is a woman who is adventurous, enthusiastic, loves life, and she is always noticed when entering a room!

All of our pieces are individually designed to be timeless, seasonless and above all, figure-flattering.  Our brand offers fine, intricate detailing and impeccable quality.  Our clothing is handcrafted in Indonesia under fair and ethical working conditions. We take great pride in the talent of our Batik makers & artisans to create one-of-a-kind hand printed Batik fabrics.

Dressing should be something to look forward to each day.  We want our LotusTraders customers to approach each day with inspiration and excitement, looking Beautiful & Feeling Great in LotusTraders Fashion!

Please note: Many of our garments are ‘batiked’. This is a completely handmade process. Because of this there are natural variations in colors and tones, as well as pattern placements, from meter to meter. Because of this you are guaranteed a unique piece as no two garments are alike.


It all started with my first trip to Bali in my early twenties… this would prove to be the start of a career that has spanned over 30 years. I started designing clothes for Canadian and American women and have never thought to look back. After many years of travelling back and forth to Bali and numerous collections later… production came to a sudden stop. I found out that I had come down with an illness called CFS. I spent many years in search of a remedy & nine years in bed. As my health returned and my body finally caught up, [there is a book in there yet to write] I was eager to start where I had left off. I packed my suitcases, and with only a small amount of money left after the years of forced unemployment & I boarded a plane to Bali. It was there that I basked in Bali’s light for some 12 years. During that time I managed to sprout 3 shops, my own factory, showroom and a Balinese lifestyle I will cherish in memory always.

After a few years spent in the US, thankfully I have been able to return to this beautiful Island, Bali, and begin a new chapter, accompanied by my daughter Lucy and her family.

I’ve brought my experience producing for buyers across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa to you… Just to give you a little more background about us – my label in Bali was “Daya” but I have since renamed my label “LotusTraders” this is because I like what the lotus symbolises in Eastern thought. I am also fond of traders because a part of me thinks I’d have loved being a part of the caravans that traded on the silk road of Asia long, long ago. So LotusTraders is our name and the title of this new chapter.

Our previous label was known and recognised in Bali. Most of the buyers I designed for would use their own labels. That is the nature of doing business in Bali. So chances are, even though you likely have seen my designs before, you would not know so.

I’m also a great fan of OS (one size in both misses and plus) as you can see and easy to wear clothes for women. I don’t like wearing clothing that is too form fitting myself. I prefer flowing feminine clothes that drape the body and flatter. So I hope you enjoy…

Through your purchases you are also allowing me to keep pulling out my colour swatches and pen, and because for me to be able to create is akin to breathing, I cannot thank you enough!

We will continue to bring you as much variety of colour, texture and style in our clothes as my imagination will take me. Cheers! Annie

On a final note… Let me introduce the other key parts of my team. My daughter Lucy is with us and has been on board since the get go. She is much more computer savvy than I and my right arm & doing the correspondence as well. Lucy’s contribution to this company is invaluable. And my other daughter Daya… yes, she’s one of the beautiful models you see for our products. Daya is currently in Vancouver BC and we miss her very much & trust one of these days she’ll be back helping with some aspect of the business again! Our friends and stunning models, Monica, Karlee, Carolina, Aysha and Bree, show our clothing beautifully. Last but not least, we have some amazingly beautiful Balinese and Javanese staff too numerous to mention all that are truly a joy in our life to work with. To “name check” just a few…. Yan, Anik and Fitri, Thank you!

If you are a clothing retailer and would like to stock our fabulous creations, please get in touch and tell us a bit about yourself.

Thank you for listening… and please enjoy.